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" To find health should be the object of the doctor.
Anyone can find disease."
Dr. Andrew T. Still, MD DO (1828-1917)

Osteopathic Medicine

in Korea



fully trained in the medical institute (UK, US, FR)


Osteopathic Clinics,

practiced by fully trained osteopaths

+ 200

medical professionals,

introduced to the osteopathic medicine by training course for 1-2 years at the KOI/ASOM in Korea

Not yet

fully recognised by government and general public but getting slowly spread. 

Conference of Korean Association of Obst


The Korean Osteopathic Association (KOA), established by Dr. Joseph B. Kim, DO PhD in 2011, is the first and only regulatory organization for osteopaths in South Korea. Initially, KOA standards recognise UK trained Osteopaths as Osteopaths in Korea. Osteopathy has not yet been recognized by government in Korea but there has been increasing numbers of medical professionals who have been introduced to osteopathic medicine. Also, there has been medical professionals including medical doctors, dentists and physiotherapists who had been trained with a curriculum guided by the Education Benchmarks from The Osteopathic International Alliance. 

파일 닥터


The KOA aims to introduce the osteopathic medicine to medical professionals in Korea. Initially to promote osteopathic concepts to the general public. Then, the KOA aims to encourage professionals to collaborate to establish an osteopathic medical department and medical school, recognized by the Korean government, and to change the law to allow osteopaths to be legally recognised in the country. 



Osteopathic medicine is still new in the Korea and Asia. The KOA also aims to be centre for the development of osteopathy in Asia to give more opportunity to promote quality healthcare in Asia. The KOA’s progress will be an example for other countries in Asia in terms of regulation and government recognition.



FAX (+82) 2 6499 8477

TEL (+82) 2 525 8477

2F Medical Center, Penthill, 641 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Korea 

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